How To Get Into Medical School Tips

Many people think that taking into a medical school should have a perfect or high GPA. Well, actually, the GPA doesn’t give much power to enter the medical school. Even you have a high GPA with zero experience, it is so much better to consider the low one with full of experience. In this section, you will know how to get into medical school with a low GPA.

Perhaps, some of thought it is impossible. Well, there is nothing is impossible, now. If there is a will, there is a way. You just have a big willingness to get into medical school even your GPA is not as high as the other applicants.

What Is the Range of Low GPA for Medical School?

To determine the low GPA to take a medical school is difficult. There are no exact numbers of the low GPA shouldn’t enter the med school. Many students with a low GPA is not confident enough to enter med school. It makes the higher one enter it. It comes to the standard of your own that you should have a higher GPA to enter it.

Well, it is all just happen in your perception, right? If you think that your GPA is not competitive enough to enter the med school, you have to work harder to achieve it. You shouldn’t worry although you have a low GPA you need to make a brilliant resume on your experiences.

How to Get Into Medical School with a Low GPA

If you still wanted to get into med school even your GPA is low, you should have known the tips and trick to help you get in. There are no impossible ways if you don’t even try to apply.

Before applying to the med school, you need to know the best ways to apply it. There are some tips you can follow and may your application to med school is accepted. Here are some tips for you:

Gain More Clinical Experiences

While you have a low GPA, you can’t do anything to fix them up. However, you still have more chance to get into med school by gaining more clinical experiences. By having a lot of clinical experiences in your resume, it will be your selling point and become outstanding from all the applicants who have zero experience. Isn’t that good?

There are many ways to get clinical experience by volunteering, in a private clinic, government healthcare setting, medical center, or shadowing surgeon, anesthesiologist, cardiologist, pathologist, or primary care physician. To get it, you just need to call the medical centers, private clinics, local hospitals for taking the volunteer opportunities. You shouldn’t worry because there are many medical centers that are looking for some premedical students for the volunteer.

You also need to choose the area of medicines based on your interest. If you enjoy getting a job to taking care of the elderly, you can consider taking volunteer on nursing homes or rehabilitation center. If your interest is in exploring a new dimension, taking a volunteer to a research laboratory is also a good option. Just make sure you take the right areas for gaining more clinical experiences.

Get to Post Baccalaureate Program

The most sensible idea to get into med school is by enrolling the post-baccalaureate program. It can bolster your academic backgrounds as well as strengthen your science knowledge. It is also the best choices for you who didn’t major in science. It gives more chance for you to take some science courses which are required to get into med school.

The duration of this program may vary. Usually, it takes one to two years. There are two options classes you can take, the full-time or part-time classes. Thus, you can adjust it with your daily activities. If you can take full-time, just take it and finish the program as soon as you can.

Making Letters of Recommendation

While you are having a clinical volunteer, make sure you spread your wings, well. Get involved with professors or someone who has the ability to give you a recommendation letter. You just have to list the employers, volunteering officials, research advisors, physicians, or professors who know you well.

It will help you a lot to get the recommendation letter after finishing the volunteering session. By attaching the recommendation letter, it is the best ways to prove that you are capable enough to do medical things. Even though your GPA is low, it doesn’t guarantee that you are not capable enough to do it. Thus, make sure you get a strong recommendation letter to help you get into the medical school.

Now, there is no reason that your GPA is too low to enter med school. You just have to find another way to enter med school by gaining more experiences, taking the program, and more. This is how to get into medical school with a low GPA.

Do You Know How to Grow Cardamom?

o you know what the Cardamom is? Have you heard about it before? For you who have no idea what it is, check this out! Cardamom is one of the spices which are the most expensive one after vanilla and saffron.

It has a distinctive spices odor, sweet, and burning taste. Due to its variety, it becomes the queen of spices while the king of spices is black pepper. For the Green Cadamoms, you can use it in many dishes because it is superior and more intense. For the Black Cardamom, the thick and long one, you cannot use it in the sweet desserts and dishes.

There are other names of Cardamom. They are Elam, Illaichi, Lachie, Chhoti Elachi, Kardamom, Lesser Cardamom, Indian Cardamom, Hulle Essentielle de Cardamome, Green Cardamom, Elettaria Cardamomum, Ela, Cardomomi Fructus, Cardomom, Cardamomo, Cardamome, Black Cardamom, Bai Dou Kou, dan Amomum Cardamomum.

Cardamom Types

While you are looking for Cardamom, you will find two types. First is Green Cardamom which is originating in Sri Lanka and India. Second is Black Cardamom which is originating from Himalayan and Nepal states of India.


Cardamom is a perennial plant. It has erect and rigid aromatic leaves that form of serial part of stems. The height of stems is about 2 to 4 meters. It forms leaves canopy around the plant itself.

The cardamom also has tiny flowers which are beautiful. Usually, it has a red or yellow strip over. Besides, it produces fruits too. The fruits of Cardamom are called capsules. Inside the capsules, there are numbers of seeds which are used for the spices. The spices are used from their capsules, not its leaves.


If you are interested to propagate this plant, you can do it in two ways. First is you can grow it from the seeds. Strongly suggested buying the fresh seeds you can get from the seed store offline or online. While you try buying it from the glossary store, generally, it is not the fresh one.

Second, you can grow it from the rhizomes. It is the easiest ways to grow the Cardamom. To get the rhizome, cut it by using a sharp knife. Do it carefully until it separates from its plant.

After it, you can replant it under similar conditions. Need to note, if you use this technique, it also transmits the Cardamom mosaic virus from the mother plant. It means that the new plant highly gets infected.

Requirements of Growing Conditions

Once you are interested to plant this Cardamom, you need to take every tip and trick carefully. It is not as easy as you plant the rose. It is quite difficult to plant it. There are some requirements you need to fulfill propagating this plant, such as:

Weather Condition

While growing up the Cardamom, you need to grow in the humid, hot, and tropical climates. Usually, it grows well in humid subtropical forests with the range of temperatures between 18 to 35 degrees C. For the humidity level is near 75%.


For the position of planting this plant, you need to plant it in the filtered sunlight or partial shade. Planting away from the direct sun after its height is around 2 or 4 meters under the canopy of other higher trees.


Loamy soil, sandy is rich in organic matter and manure. It requires a small amount of acidic to neutral the pH level of about 6 to 6.8. The plant also will tolerate the acidic soils for about 5.5 to 6.

The important key to propagating the Cardamom is the right substrate. It should be well-drained. While the watering time, the soil should drain out easily, but it must remain moist continuously. It doesn’t mean you need to waterlogged or damp soil to keep it moist. Need to remember also, the clay texture of the soil is obviously not recommended because it can kill the plant.


Remember that the Cardamom is growing in the rainforest. As its area, it receives rainfall for about 200 days every year. Thus, it is so important to keep the soil moist, don’t let it dry out in summer. When the summer comes or when the plant is fruiting, increase the watering time.


After watering, don’t forget to give the soil some fertilizers. Do give them in high phosphorous. During the growing season, you can apply it for twice a month. It is so much better if you apply 5 kilos aged compost or manure per clump every year.

By doing those things, you are able to grow the Cardamom. To avoid any of problems, diseases, or something like that, try to find more information related to this plant. It helps you a lot to grow the Cardamom. Just take a little research to help you grow it in the right way.

Do You Hire Remote Employees? Tips to Manage Them!

Nowadays, there are many people say that “Finally, I’m a remote employee” or the other expressions like that. Have you known that the remote employees are risen up? Many companies are hiring people to become remote employees.

Now, going to a certain place to work in full time is not the best options anymore. Seeing the fact that many people like to work as remote employees, you have to know how to treat them well.

If you are hiring remote employees, you need to know some tips to manage and treat them in the best way. Do you want to know how to manage them? Here are some tips for you:

Make Time for Small Talk

Even though they are not working in the office, it doesn’t mean you should not keep them away. You have to treat them as what you do to the workers at the office. It means you also need to talk to them about small talk.

You have to free your time to make small talk with them. See I once saw in their website that if you make a small conversation outside of job desks. You have to make them feel as if they are so meant to your company. Don’t let them feel as if you don’t care to them even they are your employees too.

You can talk to them about a light conversation like the conversation about their family, where they are from, and something like that. Need to note, don’t get too close to talk about their privacy.

Use Video As Much As You Can

You may hear about most of the human communication is non-verbal, right? While you just call or texting them only, you never know the real answer to what you ask to them. The best way to see their expressions, you have to use video calls or something like that.

Nowadays, it is possible to talk to your remote employee by using video calls. There are numbers of inexpensive or free solutions for video calls. You just have to ask them to have the apps like what you use and link it.

Try to use technology as effective as possible. It helps you a lot to encourage them and see their response through their non-verbal communication.

Have Longer One on Ones

Need to notice, while you are hiring the remote employees, they have no idea when your free time is. They can’t see whether your doors open or not because they don’t stay in your office, right?

If you had stated that they should call you at a certain time, but suddenly you have something to do. Then, while they are calling you, you are not there. It impacts your company’s problems, right? You can’t tell them to do it as soon as possible.

To help you solve this problem, you should give them a full hour every week. Make sure you note them on a calendar. It helps you to tell them about the things which aren’t covered yet and ask them to do it for you.

NEVER Cancel a One on One

While you are hiring some remote employees, it means you have free time to give them information about what is going on in your company. They have no information about what kind of things which are on the way. They miss the information either you are too busy to inform them.

Never cancel the job you ask them. To help you do it, you should pick another employee which is able to inform the remote employees every time. It helps your company a lot to keep going on the right track because they get updated information about your company.

Use Animated Emoticons to Convey Your Emotion

There are many ways to show your expressions while meeting with your employee. How do you show your emotions to the remote employees? While you are texting with them with so many texts, don’t forget to use any animated emoticons or something like that to express it.

There are many ways to get misunderstanding while you are using text only. Thus, to make sure they catch and understand your feelings, using the emoticons are the best options.

You shouldn’t worry whether it looks informal or not. As long as you use the emoticons at the right time, not too much, it is fine. Let’s make the texting is calmer.

Get Together Face to Face

Even though they are the remote employees, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have any necessary to get face to face. You still should have face to face for a certain time. Let’s say once a year or more, it depends on the necessary of your company.

Those are some tips you can follow to manage the remote employees. Hope that the tips will help you a lot to manage them.

How to Build the Window Seats

Are you getting bored with your room decoration? Need to notice, you have to make your home as comfortable as possible. If there is something you would like to change, change it! It will make you get a new look and absolutely make your home feel so comfy.

One of the best ways to change the look of your room is by adding some additional furniture. The best idea to add something in your room is by building a simple seating in your window, or you can call it as window seats.

The additional window seats in your room will be functioned as extra seating, allow you to enjoy the view, perfect place to read, relaxing, and often offer hidden storage. You just need to consider installing it in your window.

If you are feeling so stressful whether taking this seat is good for you, you shouldn’t feel so stressed. You can freely to choose to pick up the sophisticated design or cozy corner. It depends on your room’s design.

If you thought that this idea will be the best options to change the look of your room, you just have to know how to build it in the right way. There are some steps you need to take one by one.

Choose a Right Spot

Need to remember, not all of the installation windows are perfect for this kind of window seats. It is so much great if you choose to build the window seat under the bay-style window.

Its window’s design helps you well to enjoy the view while sitting under it. if you don’t have this kind of window installation, you can make it first. To make this installation window, it costs about $2,300.

If you have many installation bay-style windows, you just need to choose the right one to build this seat. Just pick the windows which are far away from any traffic areas. Well, you need an extra quite place to enjoy the view, right?

Then, choose the windows which offer a more beautiful view. If you have a small garden, pick a window near your garden. It can refresh your mind to sit there and enjoy the view, right?

Choose Your Style

As its mention before, you just need to choose what kind of seat’s design you would like to install. Besides the design, don’t forget to consider an extra storage place.

You have to decide whether you want to use a half window to install extra seating or a full one. Measure the window first and you can freely decide what kind of style would like to install for the window seat.

Build a Seat

Then, after you are choosing the right place and the right style for your window seat, all you have to do starts building it. There are two options you can take to build the window seat.

First, you can ask the professionals to build it up for you. Don’t forget to take the trusted one and make sure that they have enough experience in building the window seats. You had paid them and make sure you are satisfied enough with the results.

Second, you can do it by yourself. In this era, there are tons of videos of DIYs you can watch and do it by yourself. You just need to watch one or more selected videos, buy all the stuff and equipment that you need. Then, here we go! Start to build the window seat on your own.

If you prefer the second one, just make sure you know well about what you should do. Just take a look at the tutorial videos and see whether you are capable enough to do it or not.

How to Become a Geologist? Here’s How!

Many people have their own dream to become a master in certain fields. They will do anything to achieve it no matter how hard to get it. There are many fields you can take like geologist, doctor, and others.

If you are interested to become a geologist, you need to know about how to achieve it, right? Before going to talk about it, you need to know about its tasks and duties first. It is to ensure that you take the right field to master.

What Is a Geologist?

Well, before talking about its tasks and duties, you need to know first about the meaning of its job. Usually, it studies the structure, composition, and nature of the earth. It is to locate the minerals and materials as well as to increase scientific about the knowledge of the earth. They also advise on civil engineering projects, the rehabilitation of land after any mining, on environmental protection, and on the extraction of minerals.

Tasks and Duties of a Geologist

In general, a geologist does:

  • Explore a specific area to determine its types of minerals or rocks and its structure.
  • Study rock samples, cuttings, and cores.
  • Study sampling and geostatistics theory
  • Study the fossilized like date and forms rock strata
  • Study nature as well as the effects of natural events like volcanic hazards, earthquakes, glaciations, sedimentation, and erosion.
  • Manage and locate ground resources, also investigate the land salinity and groundwater contamination
  • Undertake geochemical sampling of stream soils and sediment
  • And more

Personal Requirements of a Geologist

There are some requirements you need to fulfill if you like to become a geologist. DO you want to know what the requirements are? Here we go!

  • Enjoy scientific and technical activities
  • Willing to use for safety requirements
  • Be able to work as a part or even independently
  • Be able to prepare accurate reports and records
  • Be able to solve any physical demands of the job
  • Need to prepare for working outdoors on irregular schedules as well as in a range of any environments

Educational Background

While you would like to become a geologist, you need to complete a certain degree. What is that? You can become a geologist if you are completing a degree in applied science or science. It is all with the major in earth or geophysics sciences, applied geology, geosciences, and geology.

Besides it, you should gain the Senior Secondary Certificate of Education, too. Then, you need to prerequisite subjects on earth and environmental science, chemistry, mathematics, and English, when biology and chemistry are required too.

You also need to know that every university has different prerequisites. Some offer flexible requirements while some are not. To get further information, you need to contact your own university.

Those are slight information about what you have known about being a geologist. Let’s planning your future to be better if you would like to be a geologist and study nature for more.