Do You Hire Remote Employees? Tips to Manage Them!

Nowadays, there are many people say that “Finally, I’m a remote employee” or the other expressions like that. Have you known that the remote employees are risen up? Many companies are hiring people to become remote employees.

Now, going to a certain place to work in full time is not the best options anymore. Seeing the fact that many people like to work as remote employees, you have to know how to treat them well.

If you are hiring remote employees, you need to know some tips to manage and treat them in the best way. Do you want to know how to manage them? Here are some tips for you:

Make Time for Small Talk

Even though they are not working in the office, it doesn’t mean you should not keep them away. You have to treat them as what you do to the workers at the office. It means you also need to talk to them about small talk.

You have to free your time to make small talk with them. See I once saw in their website that if you make a small conversation outside of job desks. You have to make them feel as if they are so meant to your company. Don’t let them feel as if you don’t care to them even they are your employees too.

You can talk to them about a light conversation like the conversation about their family, where they are from, and something like that. Need to note, don’t get too close to talk about their privacy.

Use Video As Much As You Can

You may hear about most of the human communication is non-verbal, right? While you just call or texting them only, you never know the real answer to what you ask to them. The best way to see their expressions, you have to use video calls or something like that.

Nowadays, it is possible to talk to your remote employee by using video calls. There are numbers of inexpensive or free solutions for video calls. You just have to ask them to have the apps like what you use and link it.

Try to use technology as effective as possible. It helps you a lot to encourage them and see their response through their non-verbal communication.

Have Longer One on Ones

Need to notice, while you are hiring the remote employees, they have no idea when your free time is. They can’t see whether your doors open or not because they don’t stay in your office, right?

If you had stated that they should call you at a certain time, but suddenly you have something to do. Then, while they are calling you, you are not there. It impacts your company’s problems, right? You can’t tell them to do it as soon as possible.

To help you solve this problem, you should give them a full hour every week. Make sure you note them on a calendar. It helps you to tell them about the things which aren’t covered yet and ask them to do it for you.

NEVER Cancel a One on One

While you are hiring some remote employees, it means you have free time to give them information about what is going on in your company. They have no information about what kind of things which are on the way. They miss the information either you are too busy to inform them.

Never cancel the job you ask them. To help you do it, you should pick another employee which is able to inform the remote employees every time. It helps your company a lot to keep going on the right track because they get updated information about your company.

Use Animated Emoticons to Convey Your Emotion

There are many ways to show your expressions while meeting with your employee. How do you show your emotions to the remote employees? While you are texting with them with so many texts, don’t forget to use any animated emoticons or something like that to express it.

There are many ways to get misunderstanding while you are using text only. Thus, to make sure they catch and understand your feelings, using the emoticons are the best options.

You shouldn’t worry whether it looks informal or not. As long as you use the emoticons at the right time, not too much, it is fine. Let’s make the texting is calmer.

Get Together Face to Face

Even though they are the remote employees, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have any necessary to get face to face. You still should have face to face for a certain time. Let’s say once a year or more, it depends on the necessary of your company.

Those are some tips you can follow to manage the remote employees. Hope that the tips will help you a lot to manage them.